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# This software, copyright (C) 2008-2009 by Wikiation.
# This software is developed by Kim Bruning.
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Quick hack/ Test suite to check Mediawiki, sees which changes have been made to
mediawiki code, or to the database. Written by Kim Bruning

Currently handles 1 changeset only, this changeset is stored at the
remote location specified in the settings file.
<Depreciated gwicke 08/2008: only pull supported>

Creates a new changeset for the specified revision
will be run from the installer (so you never need to use this!) [--detail|-d] [exclude]==
Checks changeset against current mediawiki and database for your revision
Will report any differences.

If the detail flag is set, will give more detail on mediawiki code comparison
	to wit: 
		diff -q (show only whether files differ) is turned off,
		diff -N (assume missing files are empty) is turned on.

Files and directories matching the optional exclude pattern will be ignored.

== settings ==

== Use on or other wikitestservers == can be called via CheckMWandDBdiff

Should assumptions change, please contact the author.

== Example ==

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