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NodeJS Examples



Run this rudimentary install if you want to try out the examples. It installs the dependencies, then symlinks node_modules in each directory.

Node.js Introduction Code

Simple demonstration of node features.

demo1: Hello world and interval examples showing setTimeout and setInterval

demo2: Socket chat server

demo3: Supervisor, fs, and express

demo4: Express, Twitter streaming API, and Socket IO

Domain Search

Allows you to see if a domain is available.

Usage: Load http://localhost:8000/domain in your browser (ie http://localhost:8000/google.com)

Ghetto Proxy

Allows you to proxy sites through your site. Doesn't rewrite any incoming html, so may not work for all sites.

Usage: Load http://localhost:8000/www_address in your browser (ie http://localhost:8000/cnn.com)

Hello World

Simple demonstration of the basic Hello World app

Redis Pub/Sub chat

RSS Cron to Redis

Simple Hit Counter

Basic Hit Counter using Redis

Twitter OAuth

Twitter Socket IO

Uses Twitter-Node to crawl Twitter feeds and Socket.IO to stream tweets using Web Sockets.

Twitter Tweet Map

Uses Twitter-Node to crawl Twitter feeds and store strings in Redis using a sorted set. Hitting http://localhost:8000, you get to see the top 20 strings. Proof of concept - could be used for trends, etc.