I switched from $EDITOR to vim and you can too!
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I switched from $EDITOR to Vim and you can too!

This is the git repo containing the presentation to a talk prepared for programming night at HI Capacity, a Honolulu-based hackerspace.

For more information about HI Capacity, please see our website: http://hicapacity.org/

About Talk

This is a talk intended for users that have not found their own way into vim usage. The ideal canditate is comfortable with the *nix environment, but finds vim's barrier of entry too high.

That's perfectly normal. Vim is a difficult beast to ride. But the benefits of vim are absolutely worth the effort to learn it. This presentation will prepare the audience with the essentials in understanding vim as well as the motivation to continue learning it outside this presentation.

Talk Prepared by: shu.chen@freelancedreams.com (http://freelancedreams.com)

Talk Presented On: Not presented yet