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Getting Started with Tezos

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First you will need Tezos and a Tezos wallet.

What is Tezos?

Tezos (XTZ) is a liquid proof-of-stake cryptocurrency (LPoS). You can read more about it here

What wallets do you recommend?

Some wallets compatible to our dApp are Temple wallet which is a browser extension similar to Metamask, also being able to connect to Ledger devices. Kukai wallet, which is a browser wallet, being possible to connect making use of Direct Auth using twitter credentials.

Where to buy tezos

Minting on hicetnunc only costs ~0.05 tezos. You can buy some on an exchange site like Binance or Kraken, however we recommend consulting with someone who is from whichever country you are in because exchange services are provided depending on the country.

The H=N Tezos Fountain

⛲ Applying as an Artist

Are you an artist who needs tez but can't get it? You can request a volunteer from the community to sponsor you in the #tezos-fountain channel on Discord.

Please fill out this google form:

⛲ Volunteering as a Sponsor

If you make some sales and would like to support other new artists you can send XTZ donations to tz1eggoxCes1qYRGLc3E1bg4uzuCUUuuQBb9 or fountain.tez

Common wallet errors account doesnt exist error from

Pro tip: If your account on shows this, don't worry. It just means you don't have any transactions yet in your wallet. Once you receive some tezos it should go away.

Prevalidation error in the temple wallet

Pro tip: This means you should refresh the page. Just give it a couple of seconds for the transaction to go through and you will get the "applied" status.

Already have tezos?

Continue to How to mint 🌿 to create your first OBJKT!