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Activity Streams Lite

Syndicating Hickerspace activities from different sources like GitHub, YouTube, Facebook and many more. This project is based on the idea of Activity Streams.

Configure db access, private tokens and other credentials in config. See config.sample for inspiration.

Execute to start.

Dependencies input

  • MySQLdb
  • APScheduler
  • feedparser
  • lxml
  • dateutil
  • tweepy
  • httplib2

pip install MySQL-python apscheduler feedparser lxml python-dateutil tweepy httplib2

Dependencies output

  • Flask
  • MySQLdb

pip install MySQL-python Flask

How will it work?

See our nice chart.


Try a live demo at


To be done

  • Web form
  • Sound/LEDTicker (?)


  • Feeds
    • GitHub
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Wiki
    • Soup
  • Hickerspace API
    • Room status
    • Mate-O-Meter
    • Traffic light
  • Twitter (timeline + mentions via Twitter-API)
  • Mailing lists (posts + new subscribers)


  • JSON/Atom output
  • Filter added (append (multiple) service.type as GET parameters)
  • Pagination & Save Point (last_id) added
  • wildcards introduced

Known bugs

  • datetime is currently local, but the atom feed generator thinks that it's UTC.