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Ghost solver

A Ruby script to solve the word game Ghost. It prints a short crib sheet describing a winning strategy.

Combinatorial game theory

Combinatorial game theory describes two player, turn-based, deterministic games where a player loses if he can't make a move. Chess, Go and Ghost are all combinatorial games. In particular, Ghost is an impartial game, meaning the same moves are avaliable to both players. Chess is not impartial because Black cannot move the white pieces. Nim is a famous impartial game played with matchsticks. The Sprague-Grundy theorem (1) demonstrates that every impartial game is equivalent to a Nim-heap of some height.

This script determines the height of the Nim-heap equivalent to Ghost.

  1. Conway, Berlekamp, Guy (1982). Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays


Randall Munroe (xkcd artist) solved Ghost too.


git clone
cd ghost
bundle install

Bundler will install the gem fast_trie. Alas, this gem might not build on Windows.


Assuming you have a word list at /usr/share/dict/words

ruby ghost.rb

Otherwise, to use your own word list, say web2.txt

ruby ghost.rb web2.txt

You can download the free Web2 word list courtesy of FreeBSD. (2.4MB text file)


On a 2.5MB word list (250,000 words) the script takes about 1 minute to run on my computer.