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-title: Why I don't care for Twitter
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-I don't like Twitter.
-> Yes. Tolerance. RT@ 59Spartan: Very dissapointing @SteveNash would do a commercial supporting gay marriage. Steve, something we should know?
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title: STEP Mathematics papers
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For posperity, I've republished the papers at document publishing website Scribd: [STEP Mathematics past papers 1998-2011]( Since the exam board have already published the papers freely I have no qualms about copyright.
+Another reason I did this—I want to write a post about a question I remember answering. If k people are in the room, what is the probability p that at least two of them share a birthday? What is the least k such that p is at least one half?
+Alas, the copies of the papers for the years 2004, 2005 and 2007 are scans rather than machine-readable originals. I shall email Cambridge Assessment about this.
Suggestions for anywhere I could reliably publish documents for 10+ years are welcome.

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