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A binary ebuild for the Logitech Media Server (formerly Squeezebox Server, formerly Squeezecenter, formerly SlimServer, formerly...)
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This Git repository contains development versions of Logitech Media Server
ebuilds for Gentoo Linux. This generally contains development or
soon-to-be-released versions of the ebuild that will later be in the official
Portage tree, and can be tracked to get early access to those ebuilds before
they go through review and commit to Portage. Because of this, however, these
ebuilds are definitely to be considered experimental as they are often broken.

This is the binary package version and supersedes the compiled source form
package media-sound/squeezeboxserver.


The following branches will be of interest to you:

master - this is generally where the latest releases of ebuilds are committed
  at the same time that I submit them for review and inclusion in Portage.
  Ebuilds committed here should work because I only submit them for review and
  inclusion when I've given them some level of local testing. Releases
  committed here are tagged to identify their version numbers (see below). Only
  the latest ebuilds for the most recent server versions are committed here -
  eg once Squeezebox Server 7.4 was released there were no more 7.3.3 ebuilds
  committed to master (these remained on the develop-7.3 branches).

feature/xxx (eg "feature/7.7.2") - these branches are where development for a
  particular server release occurs. There will generally be a number of commits
  during the development of a particular ebuild version and, therefore, the
  ebuild is often broken during this process. It's therefore wise not to simply
  track the latest commits on these branches (unless you like some excitement),
  but instead look at when releases are merged back to master and tagged.
  Updated ebuilds for 'old' versions remain on these branches (and are tagged
  on these branches) to avoid the master from jumping backwards and forwards
  between ebuild versions.

Branches are managed by git-flow, so the normal naming and uses of branches and
tags apply.


I tag the releases on master (and updates to old ebuilds on their development
branch as discussed above), when they are submitted for review and inclusion in
Portage. Tagged releases are generally more reliable than any intermediate
committed version you may come across because I will give them some level of
local testing before tagging and release.


The "media-sound/logitechmediaserver-bin" subdirectory contains an image of the
ebuild tree. If you want to try this version of the ebuild out then installing
this directory is the most convenient way of doing it.

1. Copy "media-sound/logitechmediaserver-bin" to

2. Generate the "Manifest" file for the ebuild:
      ebuild /usr/local/portage/media-sound/logitechmediaserver-bin/lo* digest

3. Ensure that /etc/make.conf includes the local Portage tree so that this
   makefile is found. Do that with a line such as the following:
      PORTDIR_OVERLAY="$PORTDIR_OVERLAY /usr/local/portage"

4. Unmask the ebuild (since it is probably marked as unstable) with a line
   like the following in /etc/portage/package.keywords:
      /media-sound/logitechmediaserver-bin ~x86

5. Install the package as normal with a command such as:
      emerge -aDvt logitechmediaserver-bin  

Once you have done this once you can update to later versions of the ebuild by
just redoing steps 1 and 2.


Stuart Hickinbottom
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