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A buildbot extension that allows to place build configurations into your project's GIT repository.
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Buildbot Inplace Config

This project tries to simplify the Buildbot master.cfg and enables each project to carry it's own build instructions.


You will need a version of Buildbot Nine, which is currently in active development and has no release so far. It has a new GUI and generally worked much better than the public Buildbot eight for us. Your experience may vary.

Download the files from this repository to your Buildbot master.

Example master.cfg

# make buildbot_inplace available
from buildbot_inplace import InplaceConfig

# allow reconfiguration
import buildbot_inplace

# use InplaceConfig instead of a bare dict
c = BuildmasterConfig = InplaceConfig()

# projects and workers are loaded from these directories

# all your normal buildbot configurations
c['protocols'] = {'pb': dict(port=9989)}
c['status'] = []

c['title'] = "Test Buildmaster"
c['titleURL'] = ""

c['buildbotURL'] = ""
c['www'] = dict(port=8020, plugins=dict(waterfall_view={}, console_view={}))

c['db'] = {'db_url': "sqlite:///state.sqlite"}

# run the inplace setup

Now you need worker and project configurations.

We use Ansible and custom roles to setup our Buildbot workers. A configuration looks like this:

name: 'testworker' # name of the worker that appears on Buildbot
password: 'test' # shared secret to authenticate on Buildbot
shell: 'bash' # shell type 'bash' or 'cmd'
platforms: ['Linux', 'Ubuntu', 'Ubuntu-14.04', 'Ubuntu1404'] # list of tags that match the platform
setupDir: '~/scripts' # folder where setup scripts reside
setups: ['qt530_gcc490'] # name of setup tags which are also the script names excluding the suffix .bat or .sh

For each project we need a trigger config file

name: 'Twofold-Qt' # project name used as basis for Buildbot builders
repoType: 'git' # repository type (only git supported so far)
repoUrl: ''
repoUser: ''
repoPassword: ''

This should be all very straight forward. The real magic happens in the project. You just add a .buildbot.yml file to the root of your repository. This should look like this:

# each profile will become a build if a proper worker is found
- name: "Linux Qt5.3 GCC 4.8" # name of the profile that apears in Buildbot
  platform: Ubuntu1404 # the platform tag that a worker has to have
  commands: std # key used in the action (see below)
  setup: ['qt53_gcc48'] # setup tags a worker has to match
                        # these are also the names of setup scripts that are executed before the build actions start

# each action is executed for each profile
- name: "Prepare" # name of the action that appears in Buildbot
  std: 'make' # actions for the command key of the profile
  msvc: 'nmake.exe'
  mingw: 'mingw32-make.exe'

See "Twofold buildbot.yml": for a complete example.


  • each project carries it's build instructions
  • platform and setup tags for build worker matching
  • support for git projects


1.0 - to be done


  • stabilize the system
  • improve error handling
  • Subversion projects
  • project and central notification configuration

... and all your crazy ideas.

Pull requests are always welcome.


This project is Apache 2.0 License. Please read the LICENSE file

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