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Edgeware CLI (Command Line Interface)

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The edgeware CLI easily allows you to interact with a local or remote Edgeware node or any general substrate node. The API requires you to create a .env file with your keypair information, which will be described below.


Create a .env file with the following information:


Examples of some values are:

MNEMONIC_PHRASE="bottom drive obey lake curtain smoke basket hold race lonely fit walk"


  1. Install the node modules with yarn or npm
  2. If you want to send transactions, have the hex format of a key ready.
  3. Call yarn api <module> <func> [...args] with the desired module function and args.


  -V, --version           output the version number
  -s, --seed <key>        Public/private keypair seed
  -r, --remoteNode <url>  Remote node url (default: "localhost:9944").
  -T, --types             Print types instead of performing action.
  -t, --tail              Tail output rather than exiting immediately.
  -h, --help              output usage information


  • Transfering tokens from one's balance
yarn api balances transfer 5FmE1Adpwp1bT1oY95w59RiSPVu9QwzBGjKsE2hxemD2AFs8 1000
  • Fetching an account balance from the Edgeware Testnet
yarn api -r edgeware balances freeBalance 5H7Jk4UDwZ3JkfbcrX2NprfZYaPJknApeqjiswKJPBPt6LRN
  • Registering an identity
yarn api identity register github drewstone
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