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#ifndef __INPUT_H__
#define __INPUT_H__
#include "libretro.h"
#include "mednafen/state.h"
// These input routines tell libretro about Saturn peripherals
// and map input from the abstract 'retropad' into Saturn land.
extern void input_init_env( retro_environment_t environ_cb );
extern void input_init();
extern void input_set_geometry( unsigned width, unsigned height );
extern void input_set_env( retro_environment_t environ_cb );
extern void input_set_deadzone_stick( int percent );
extern void input_set_deadzone_trigger( int percent );
extern void input_set_mouse_sensitivity( int percent );
extern void input_update( retro_input_state_t input_state_cb );
// save state function for input
extern int input_StateAction( StateMem* sm, const unsigned load, const bool data_only );
extern void input_multitap( int port, bool enabled );