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All the credit of the caprice32 Emulator to Ulrich Doewich

You can download the caprice32 original source code here

This core also use some code from wiituka/pituka (c) 2004-2016 David Colmenero

CPC464+/CPC6128+/GX4000 (c) 2016-2019 Colin Pitrat :

And of course for the RetroArch/Libretro team : ""

The core work pretty well and give the fantastic ability to use the RetroArch Shaders.

Try some CRT shaders and welcome back to the 80s on you're good old CPC.


Launch a TAPE (cdt), DSK or M3U, and game should autostart.

Keyboard emulated layout

English layout


Spanish layout


French layout


Keyboard Custom Binds

Choose AMSTRAD KEYBOARD in Quick Menu > Controls to customize your retropad keys per game.

Detailed usage at libretro docs:

Features not covered in docs

  • New Model: [cap32_model] (6128|464|6128+)

Choose which Amstrad CPC model to emulate, currently added 6128+

M3U and Disk control

When you have a multi disk game, you can use a m3u file to specify each disk of the game and change them from the RetroArch Disk control interface.

A M3U file is a simple text file with one disk per line (see

Example :

Alive (F).m3u

Alive (F) - Disk 1A.dsk
Alive (F) - Disk 1B.dsk

Path can be absolute or relative to the location of the M3U file.

When a game ask for it, you can change the current disk in the RetroArch 'Disk Control' menu :

  • Eject the current disk with 'Disk Cycle Tray Status'.
  • Select the right disk index.
  • Insert the new disk with 'Disk Cycle Tray Status'.

When the core start, the first disk will be mounted and the first executable autostarted (if autostart is enabled).

Specify a specific command to launch a game

If the autolaunch option of the core does a pretty good job to guess what command must be executed to launch a game on the CPC, there is some problems (cpm disk and strange catalogs for the most).

You can specify a command to be executed on the CPC when the emu launch.

All you have to do is to add a comment like this in the m3u file :


Even for one disk game, you can create a m3u file like this one :

Jack the Nipper II... In Coconut Capers.m3u

Jack the Nipper II... In Coconut Capers (E).dsk

Known Bugs


caprice32 4.2.0 libretro






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  • Other 0.5%