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// IGKArrayController.h
// Ingredients
// Created by Alex Gordon on 13/02/2010.
// Written in 2010 by Fileability.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <dispatch/dispatch.h>
@class IGKDocRecordManagedObject;
@interface IGKArrayController : NSObject<NSTableViewDataSource, NSTableViewDelegate>
IBOutlet NSTableView *tableView;
NSUInteger maxRows;
NSPredicate *predicate;
NSString *predicateString;
NSArray *predicateParameters;
NSArray *smartSortDescriptors;
NSArray *currentSortDescriptors;
NSMutableArray *fetchedObjects;
id vipObject;
BOOL fetchContainsVipObject;
BOOL sortIsAscending;
NSString *sortColumn;
NSString *entityToFetch;
IBOutlet id delegate;
BOOL isSearching;
NSTimeInterval startedSearchTimeInterval;
@property (assign) NSPredicate *predicate;
@property (assign) NSString *predicateString;
@property (assign) NSArray *predicateParameters;
@property (assign) NSArray *smartSortDescriptors;
@property (assign) NSArray *currentSortDescriptors;
@property (assign) NSUInteger maxRows;
@property (assign) NSString *entityToFetch;
//The VIP object, if set, will sit at the very top of the the predicate or anything else
@property (assign) id vipObject;
- (void)refresh;
- (void)refreshAndSelectObject:(IGKDocRecordManagedObject *)obj renderSelection:(BOOL)renderSelection;
- (void)refreshAndSelectIndex:(NSInteger)idx renderSelection:(BOOL)renderSelection;
- (id)objectAtRow:(NSInteger)row;
- (id)selection;
- (BOOL)canSelectPrevious;
- (BOOL)canSelectNext;
- (IBAction)selectPrevious:(id)sender;
- (IBAction)selectNext:(id)sender;