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// IGKLaunchController.h
// Ingredients
// Created by Alex Gordon on 10/02/2010.
// Written in 2010 by Fileability.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@class IGKApplicationDelegate;
// This class manages the initial startup of Ingredients.
// It first checks if indexing is needed, if so it indexes and sends out a notification when done
@interface IGKLaunchController : NSObject
IGKApplicationDelegate *appController;
dispatch_queue_t dbQueue;
NSMutableArray *scrapers;
NSInteger pathReportsExpected;
NSInteger pathReportsReceived;
NSInteger pathsCounter;
NSInteger totalPathsCount;
@property (assign) IGKApplicationDelegate *appController;
- (BOOL)launch;
- (double)fraction;
- (void)reportPathCount:(NSUInteger)pathCount;
- (void)reportPath;