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#import "IGKTabContents.h"
#import "common.h"
@implementation IGKTabContents
-(id)initWithBaseTabContents:(CTTabContents*)baseContents {
if (!(self = [super initWithBaseTabContents:baseContents])) return nil;
// Setup our contents -- a scrolling text view
// Create a simple NSTextView
NSTextView* tv = [[NSTextView alloc] initWithFrame:NSZeroRect];
[tv setFont:[NSFont userFixedPitchFontOfSize:13.0]];
[tv setAutoresizingMask: NSViewMaxYMargin|
// Create a NSScrollView to which we add the NSTextView
NSScrollView *sv = [[NSScrollView alloc] initWithFrame:NSZeroRect];
[sv setDocumentView:tv];
[sv setHasVerticalScroller:YES];
// Set the NSScrollView as our view
self.view = sv;
return self;
-(void)viewFrameDidChange:(NSRect)newFrame {
// We need to recalculate the frame of the NSTextView when the frame changes.
// This happens when a tab is created and when it's moved between windows.
[super viewFrameDidChange:newFrame];
NSClipView* clipView = [[view_ subviews] objectAtIndex:0];
NSTextView* tv = [[clipView subviews] objectAtIndex:0];
NSRect frame = NSZeroRect;
frame.size = [(NSScrollView*)(view_) contentSize];
[tv setFrame:frame];