Resolve native file paths from content URLs for Cordova platforms
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This plugin allows you to resolve the native filesystem path for Android content URIs and is based on code in the aFileChooser library.

Original inspiration from StackOverflow.


$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-filepath

Supported Platforms

  • Android


Once installed the plugin defines the window.FilePath object. To resolve a file path:

window.FilePath.resolveNativePath('content://...', successCallback, errorCallback);

Returns the file:// file path.


Returns the following object:

{ code: <integer>, message: <string> }

Possible error codes are:

  • -1 - describes an invalid action
  • 0 - file:// path could not be resolved
  • 1 - the native path links to a cloud file (e.g: from Google Drive app)


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