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Contribute to fast-levenshtein

This guide guidelines for those wishing to contribute to fast-levenshtein.

Contributor license agreement

By submitting code as an individual or as an entity you agree that your code is licensed the same as fast-levenshtein.

Issues and pull requests

Issues and merge requests should be in English and contain appropriate language for audiences of all ages.

We will only accept a merge requests which meets the following criteria:

  • Includes proper tests and all tests pass (unless it contains a test exposing a bug in existing code)
  • Can be merged without problems (if not please use: git rebase master)
  • Does not break any existing functionality
  • Fixes one specific issue or implements one specific feature (do not combine things, send separate merge requests if needed)
  • Keeps the code base clean and well structured
  • Contains functionality we think other users will benefit from too
  • Doesn't add unnessecary configuration options since they complicate future changes