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Feature Request: Clone Method for Chains #5

dominicbarnes opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Just a small feature request for the API. I'd like a clone method that would take an existing chain and return a functional duplicate of the working SQL command.

My use-case is like this: I have a lib that's generating a SELECT statement for single items by ID, as well as the list of all in a collection. Having to specify my fields/tables/etc is kinda cumbersome and creating a wrapper function is not very elegant either.

For example:

var select =
    .from("users", "u");

var single = select.clone()
    .where("id = ?")

var list = select.clone()

This is a trivial example, but after adding joins and other conditions, this becomes a much more friendly way to approach similar queries.


This is a good idea. In the interim have you tried using normal cloning methods?


I have not yet, I'll give it a spin and report back for other's reference.

@hiddentao hiddentao referenced this issue from a commit
@hiddentao All builders now have a clone() method.
Fixed test setup error whereby tests being run multiple times.

Simplified Makefile test file spec.

refs #5

Latest version (1.0.5) now comes with a clone() method available to all query builders (but not Expression builders yet, unfortunately)


Stellar, I'll just be using that then :)


@hiddentao hiddentao closed this
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