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Module = require('module')
{join, extname, dirname, basename, resolve} = require('path')
isAbsolute = (path) -> /^\//.test(path)
# Normalize paths and remove extensions
# to create valid CommonJS module names
modulerize = (id, filename = id) ->
ext = extname(filename)
modName = join(dirname(id), basename(id, ext))
modName.replace('\\', '/');
modulePaths = Module._nodeModulePaths(process.cwd())
invalidDirs = ['/', '.']
repl =
id: 'repl'
filename: join(process.cwd(), 'repl')
paths: modulePaths
# Resolves a `require()` call. Pass in the name of the module where
# the call was made, and the path that was required.
# Returns an array of: [moduleName, scriptPath]
module.exports = (request, parent = repl) ->
[_, paths] = Module._resolveLookupPaths(request, parent)
filename = Module._findPath(request, paths)
dir = filename
throw("Cannot find module: #{request}. Have you run `npm install .` ?") unless filename
# Find package root relative to localModules folder
while dir not in invalidDirs and dir not in modulePaths
dir = dirname(dir)
throw("Load path not found for #{filename}") if dir in invalidDirs
# if it's an npm module then use module name as id
if dir in modulePaths
id = request
id = filename.replace("#{dir}/", '')
[modulerize(id, filename), filename]
module.exports.paths = (filename) ->
module.exports.modulerize = modulerize
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