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npath = require('path')
fs = require('fs')
compilers = require('./compilers')
{modulerize} = require('./resolve')
{flatten} = require('./utils')
class Stitch
constructor: (@paths = [], @logger) ->
resolve: ->
flatten(@walk(path) for path in @paths)
# Private
walk: (path, parent = path, result = []) ->
resolvedPath = npath.resolve(path)
if not npath.existsSync(resolvedPath)
@logger.warn "Skipping #{path}, not found"
return []
stat = fs.statSync(resolvedPath)
if stat.isDirectory()
for child in fs.readdirSync(resolvedPath)
child = npath.join(resolvedPath, child)
@walk(child, resolvedPath, result)
# for logic in Module to work correctly we need to set the parent to the parent folder. this happens
# whenever a file (rather than a folder) is provided given in the @paths array.
parent = npath.dirname(resolvedPath) if path is parent
module = new Module(path, resolvedPath, parent)
result.push(module) if module.valid()
class Module
constructor: (@unresolvedFilename, @filename, @parent) ->
@ext = npath.extname(@filename).slice(1)
@id = modulerize(@filename.replace(npath.join(@parent, '/'), ''))
compile: ->
valid: ->
module.exports = Stitch