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As for procedure, please, refer to PEAR/BreakpointDebugging/PHPUnit/docs/BREAKPOINTDEBUGGING_PHPUNIT_MANUAL.html.

The basic concept

"PHPUnit"-package extention.

The features list

  • Perfect static backup. But some rules exist. Please, see "PHPUnit1Test.php" and "PHPUnit2Test.php" test file.
  • Autodetects mistaken test code for static backup. Please, see "ExampleTest.php" test file.
  • Tests session by browser display of other process.
  • We can identify the long test by browser display per test class method.
  • Scrolls browser display automatically during unit test.
  • We can test from error test file continuously because test files is specified with array.
  • Displays the unexecuted test files.
  • We can debug with IDE. (This is same in "CakePHP".)
  • We can test in remote by browser display. (This is same in "CakePHP".)
  • We can display a code coverage report in remote by browser display. (This is same in "CakePHP".)

The dependences

  • Requires "BreakpointDebugging" package.


  • Same as prev upload part of "CakePHPSamples".