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Pear-Package The draft of 14th.
README The draft of 13th.


The basic concept
    This package can make error handling and verification of MySQLi without writing a code by including.

The features list
    "php.ini"-file setting fixation of "MySQLi" part,
    Error handling
    and verification.

    Please, read the file level document block of "PEAR/BreakpointDebugging/MySQLi.php".

The dependences
    Requires "BreakpointDebugging" package.
    OS requires "Linux" or "Windows", but may be able to require "Unix".
    PHP version >= 5.3.0
    MySQL version >= 5.1

    I ignore error of following of "PHP_CodeSniffer" because this class is overriding.
        Method name "<class name>::<method name>" is not in camel caps format

    I am developing this package yet.
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