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This is a DefaultReouteBundle for Symfony2

This bundle adds a default automatic route like symfony 1. It routes automatically the url '/Hello/Hello/index' to index action of Hello controller of Hello bundle in your Application.

How to install

First, add this bundle to your project. If you use git, add this bundle to the submodule as follows.

$ git submodule add git:// src/Xnni/DefaultRouteBundle

Then register this bundle in your AppKernel.

public function registerBundles() {

$bundles = array(
// : new XnniDefaultRouteBundleXnniDefaultRouteBundle(), // :


Finaly, enable this bundle in your config(config.yml) as follows.

# defaultroute defaultroute.config: ~

Note: Following new Symfony2 namespace convention, you have to add one line in the registerNamespaces() of your src/autoload.php.

'Xnni' => __DIR__,

How to use

If you made your application in following condition,

  • bundle namespace: App\HelloBundle (made via php app/console init:bundle App\\HelloBundle src/)
  • controller: Default
  • action: indexAction

then you can access this action with url such as http://localhost/app_dev.php/Hello/Default/index

  • Currently, supports only App namespace