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Installation Instruction

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Installation Instruction

In order to follow this instruction, you must know how to patch DSDT with MaciASL. If not, read this

0. Install AsusSMC together with VirtualSMC and Lilu

Note: AsusSMC is a replacement of AsusNBFnKeys. If you have AsusNBFnKeys installed, please remove it.

1. Patching DSDT

Firstly, please add the AsusSMC patch repository to MaciASL

  • Open MaciASL and navigate to the preferences.
  • In the preferences, open up the Sources tab and click the plus button.
  • In the name column write AsusSMC and put as the URL.
  • Close the preferences window.

1.1. Patching ALS

1.1.1. If your laptop doesn't have ALS

You need to fake one. Apply patch [als] Fake ALS

1.1.2. If your laptop has ALS

First, apply patch [als] Patch ALSS

Then find method ALSC and check if it's in device ATKD. If not, apply patch [als] Patch ALSC

1.2. Patching keyboard backlight

Choose the patch corresponding to the CPU you're using.

If your CPU is not listed, create a new issue and post your DSDT.

1.3. Patching Fn keys

Reboot after finishing previous part, check which Fn keys aren't working then apply necessary patches.

Note that the patches assume your keyboard layout is:

F1: Sleep
F2: Airplane mode
F3/F4: Decrease/Increase keyboard backlight
F5/F6: Decrease/Increase screen backlight
F7: Turn off screen
F8: Switch monitor
F9: Enable/Disable trackpad
F10/F11/F12: Mute/Decrease/Increase volume

If your keyboard layout is different (i.e. on Whiskey Lake), create a new issue and post your DSDT.

For Asus ZenBook UX333FN, refer to this.

2. Installing AsusSMCDaemon (only if you have Sleep and Airplane Fn keys)

Run as root

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