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adembo commented Jun 6, 2012

We've seen an issue in the field where a customer is using openSSH with a highly customized keyboard-interactive prompt. From our sshj logs:

INFO [reader:method.AuthKeyboardInteractive@77] Requesting response for challenge `** This system is managed by Puppet
** Unauthorized Access Is Prohibited 
** Access is provided to:
** Default: wheel 
** Additional: admin
** Additional: ead
** Additional: host_dvd-bihdp-test-200
** Additional: netadm
** Additional: noc
** Additional: secscanadm
** Additional: unixadm
** Additional: users
Password: `; echo=false

There's no way we can anticipate this prompt, but see the "Password: " bit at the end; if we could match against part of the prompt, we could handle this.

shikhar commented Jun 6, 2012

I think this is already possible with setting up a AuthKeyboardInteractive instance with a custom ChallengeResponseProvider impl and using that for sshClient.auth()

adembo commented Jun 6, 2012

Fair enough, thanks for the suggestion.

One additional comment, though: The ChallengeResponseProvider interface isn't very well documented, so it's not clear (without looking at its calling code) how to use it. Any chance you can add some Javadoc to help implementers?

@adembo adembo closed this Jun 6, 2012
shikhar commented Jun 6, 2012

point noted about the javadoc...

for your purpose following the PasswordResponseProvider impl I linked to should suffice, basically switching out (or augmenting) the check in getResponse()

!gaveAlready && !echo && (acceptablePrompts.contains(prompt) || prompt.endsWith("Password: "))

adembo commented Jun 6, 2012

Yes, I've done exactly that, though I wish I could subclass or delegate to PasswordResponseProvider. I mean, I could, but it's quite stateful, and most of the real logic is in the one method I'd override (getResponse), so I just ended up implementing something that looks like it.

Thanks again for this great software!

shikhar commented Jun 6, 2012

I guess the simplest thing for making this more useful given the variety in prompts would be for the constructor to take regexes instead of exact strings (acceptablePrompts). What do you think?

adembo commented Jun 6, 2012

Yeah, that would work for us.

@shikhar shikhar added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 6, 2012
@shikhar shikhar Per #77 use regex matching inside PasswordResponseProvider. Also remo…
…ve the 'gaveAlready' state, we can leave such logic to the PasswordFinder to implement if needed.
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