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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multiple sessions

    Session objects are not reusable, so you can only have one command/shell/subsystem via exec(), startShell() or startSubsystem() respectively. But you can start multiple sessions over a single connection.

  • Toning down the logging

    sshj uses slf4j, which is just a facade, so it depends on how the underlying logging implementation you are using is configured. For example, in case of log4j this is typically accomplished with a in the classpath. Filter out/down messages from the net.schmizz category.

  • Android support

    sshj works on Android 2.3+, with a slightly different Config.

  • I/O with Channels

    // on any Channel, including Session.Command, Session.Shell and Session.Subsystem
    getOutputStream() // ->; corresponds to stdin
    getInputStream() // ->; corresponds to stdout

    // only on Session.Command and Session.Shell
    getErrorStream() // ->; corresponds to stderr

    // only on Session.Command
    getOutputAsString() // -> java.lang.String; blocks until it reads all data from stdout
  • Concurrency

    Multiplexing channels over a single connection is supported.

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