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An awesome list of educational resources for Research Software Engineers and Engineering (RSE)


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Awesome Educational Resources for Research Software Engineering Awesome

A curated awesome list of Educational Ressources for Research Software Engineering (RSE). Inspired by these curated collections.

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  • The Turing Way - A handbook to reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science.

Software Design and Architecture

Software Documentation


Software Development

Change Management


  • Awesome Testing - A curated list of testing software, extensions and resources.
  • Awesome-tdd - Curated list of resources: books, videos, articles about using TDD( Test Driven Development ).
  • Awesome Test Automation - A curated list of awesome test automation frameworks, tools, libraries, and software.

Automation with CI/CD

Project and Code Structure

Code Styles

  • Awesome (Style) Guidelines - A set of guidelines for a specific programming language that recommend programming style, practices, and methods.

Linters and Code Formatters


  • Carpentries trainings - Free course material to teach and learn foundational coding and data science skills.
  • Codebender - Course on Managing Research Software Projects.
  • Code Refinery - CodeRefinery acts as a hub for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) software practices.
  • EMBL-EBI Training - Training in data-driven life sciences.
  • ENCCS - Best Practices in HPC Training.
  • HIFIS workshops - Free course material to teach or learn research software engineering skills.
  • HLRS - Specialized trainings with topics in HPC computing.
  • Merely Useful - Book-based course material for Research Software Engineering with Python and R.
  • MIT - The missing semester of your CS education.
  • NBIS - Tools for reproducible research.
  • PRACE - Advanced trainings and workshops with topics in computing.
  • Programming Historian - Tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows.
  • The Alan Turing Institute - Course Material for several RSE related topics.

Higher Education

Higher education offers at universities and the like with RSE focus:


Podcasts that we can recommend as RSEs for RSEs.

RSE-specific podcasts

  • Code for Thought - A podcast on software, engineering, research and anything in between.
  • Developer Stories - Originally created for raising awareness for RSE, later on broadened its scope.


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