🙂 The best way to share your chatting group to public.
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Grouper Render Poster


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🙂 The Best Way to Share Your Chatting Group to Public


Grouper is a simple HTML page which can help you share your QQ Groups to public easily.

See Our Blog Post (Chinese Introduction & Documents Also Inclued)



According to our tests, when we use a CDN, the entire site can be fully loaded in 1 second. Tested in a normal home bandwidth network environment.

Grouper Performance Test


  1. Download the whole repo here or clone it to local.
  2. Open Grouper.html.
  3. You may see the following code between line 34 and 41:
            // Fill In Your QQ Group Number And Join Link
            var groupnumber = "579332933";
            var joinlink = "http://qm.qq.com/cgi-bin/qm/qr?k=F2u_B2RzMJYVkIFAy8aD_9TdMgMDnRF6";
            // Fill In Your QQ Group Name And Description
            var groupname = "惶心剑阁";
            var groupdescription = "黄埃散漫风萧索 云栈萦纡登剑阁";
  1. Modifiy groupnumber joinlink groupname groupdescription. For a better experience, please get the joinlink by decoding your group QR code.
  2. You are done! Rename Grouper.html to index.html, then upload the entire site to your server, serve it through one of your domain or subdomain, then share it to everyone!


Many thanks to @Dreamer-Paul, he helped me a lot when developing this project. The original version was done by @nexmoe, opensourced at his blog.

If you have any further questions, please open a issue. Pull requests will be most welcome.

If you like this project, don't forget to star it! Contributors

Authur: @hifocus | Blog: Tech HXCO