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Merger Render Poster


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Merge your qrcode quicker.

Demo Site: | 中文文档 | 博客文章

Reminder: The document (or was written in en_GB Spoken. Please do Alt + F4 immediately if you feel uncomfortable while reading this.


In China, we use at least three different apps to pay, with all different qrcodes. It's a problem that you might get it wrong while you are super busy. Why don't we merge them into one with fantastic styles that everyone would love'in it. And...additionally, being a bit more international?


Merger Style


Merger is a HTML template that allows you to merge muiltple payment qrcode together.

hifocus/merger is an open source project, released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 as a part of HXCO's cooperate project.


  • Fast speed. Every static file can be distribute by jsDelivr, a global accelerated CDN.
  • Highly customizable. You can modify everything displayed on the page with no special programming technique required.
  • Straightforward configuration. You may want to create your own version, and we have provided you with convenience. All you have to do is fill in the content you want, and our code will support you and do all the other work.
  • "Transformer" style. Your user may open your site to pay to you in a couple of different ways. Merger considered everything for you and it will present itself in different ways to make sure the user's need is fitted.



Bugs Notice

During the development of this project, bugs might appear and affect your site. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Make sure your Merger version is at stable. To do this, download the latest release which is not pre-release. Stable version of Merger often contains latest security update and bug fixes. Stick with them to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  2. Check out frequently, or subscribe to our Bugs Notice Board. All knwon bugs will appear over there and their status will also be updated.

ICP Notice for China

In some Chinese app, especially for WeChat, the internal browser will display a security remind page for those domains that have no ICP record in China. Obviously, this is not friendly to users and they might doubt the safety of your site. Here are two solutions:

  1. Use ICP recorded domain, like our demo site:
  2. Use GitHub Pages subdomain. GitHub's domain was marked as green in QQ and WeChat by somehow without having ICP records. So Use GitHub Pages to build your own Merger but do not use a custom domain. Use the default subdomain. Please try out this one: to see how it works in WeChat.

How to configure

The configuration is easy. We made it!

Head Section

You will need to configure the head tag of the merger.html first.

     <title>Merger Demo - merge your qrcode quicker</title>

The title tag will decide what to display in browser's tab. Edit it to something like "Pay to David" to make more sense to users.

     <meta name="Keywords" content="Merger,open source,hxco,hifocus,merge qrcode,qrcode" />
     <meta name="Description" content="Merger is the most simple way to merge your qrcode together." />     

There are meta tags with SEO information included in the head section. Please remove them if you don't want the search engine to list your site in its results.

     <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="">

Here comes with the icon part. Replace the image link with yours to get your own icon in browser's tab. Not sure where to host your icon? Try imgur or SM.MS out!

You are more then welcome to edit other parts of the head tag if you know what to do, expect the <meta name="author" content="Huangxin, LF112" /> bit. You can only remove them if you really don't want them to appear while copyright reservation is require if you decide to use this project.

Main Config Section

Right under the <body> tag that you can see underneath the <head> section, there is the Config part. Configure everything you need here. And no where else.

There are detailed code comments in the Config part. Basically, everything is this format:

var something = "something actual";

Please be careful about the part after the =. Don't forget to quote your own information (like your wechat pay link) with the double quotes "" and add a semicolon ; at the end.

You will have to fill in your payment links, from WeChat Pay, Alipay, Tenpay(from Mobile QQ) and Paypal. For Wechat Pay, Alipay and Tenpay, you can get your actual link by decoding your payment qrcode. For Paypal, simply create your own link and put it in.

Then you fill in your preferred name and profile photo link (at least 200x200 px). Other variable guide please follow the code comment.

How to Deploy

Merger is a html template so anywhere can run static website would be fine. If you don't have your own Shared Hosting Service or Virtual Private Server, use service like GitHub Pages. Simply upload everything involved to your service and serve it from your domain. If you don't have a domain, get one for free from Freenom or buy one.


Merger detacts user's UserAgent and sort them into different categories. Every sinle category will have different presentation of the site.

If the user opens the site from desktop end (like a PC browser), he will get the desktop view of the site. In this case, he gets to choose a way to pay you. For wechat pay, alipay and tenpay, he will get the direct qrcode instantly (which are generated by JQuery qrcode plugin). He scans it, you can paid. Simple.

If the user opens the site from mobile end, and in a mobile browser (like Chrome for Android), he will still get the option to choose payment method and pay you. The style will be adjusted slightly.

If the users open the site from mobile end, and in those specifc app (wechat pay, alipay, etc.) he will be shown with the direct qrcode. He will need to keep pressing the qrcode until the menu pops out and show the option to Identify the qrcode. Then you get paid.

For Mobile QQ only, the internal browser does not support the identify of qrcode that is in data:image type (default type), so Merger will import the qrcode from the qrcode API, which is configurable in the Config Part.

For Alipay only, user will be redirect to the payment link directly. No need for second-time scaning.


Any kind of contribute will be more than welcome.

Please star this project if you like it, or using it, or find it helpful to you in any form.

Please consider to donate to me by It really does take me a long time to develop this project.


This project uses several open source projects. Thanks to them.

This project also uses iconfont's service to display different icons in buttons, and its CDN service to accerlate the loading speed.

And thanks to @LF112. He wrote the JavaScript code for several major features. Browse his blog: to support him!


Please do keep our copyright information.

If you decide to use Merger in any form,

You may remove:

  • The author meta tag
  • The console copyright information (by disabling the debugmode)

You may not remove:

  • Any copyright information in .js, .css files.
  • merger.html's copyright information in code comments (unless you keep the console copyright information by enabling the debugmode, which is defaulted.)

If you against our copyright reservation requirements, your name might appears in our shame wall. Which is currently blank.

Please be aware that Merger is opensourced and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0, you are restricted to disclose source and use the same license when doing modifications. More about permissions, limitations and conditions of the license, please see to learn more in detail.

Author: @hifocus