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Mosh is a free and fast interpreter for Scheme as specified in the R6RS.
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boot nmosh: Add runtime/library unload feature
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tests VM: Add set-current-error-port! to redirect errors for GUI
.gitignore gitignore: Only ignore top-level configure
CMakeLists.txt nmosh: Add GObject plugin
COPYING serialize re2c run
Makefile.mona Fixed build on Mona . Tidy. Change test "" = to test -z self-bootstrap: move (nmosh boot) libraries into boot/.

What is Mosh?

Mosh is a free and fast interpreter for Scheme as specified in the R6RS.(R6RS is the latest revision of the Scheme standard) The current release of Mosh supports all of the features R6RS. See detailed information on

Building and Installing Mosh

Get a release of Mosh from Download. The development head version is also available.

See INSTALL and doc for prerequisite packages.

% ./configure
% make
% make check
% make install

On Windows, see Build.

Building the cutting-edge Mosh


auto tools

Following autotools version works.

  • autoconf 2.65 and automake 1.11.
  • autoconf 2.63 and automake 1.10.


% git clone git://
% cd mosh
% ./
% ./configure
% make
% make check
% make install

Building on OSX Lion

% CFLAGS='-arch i386 -m32'  ./configure --prefix=~/lib-for-mosh && make && make install # 32bit oniguruma
% ABI=32 ./configure --prefix=~/lib-for-mosh && make && make install # 32bit libgmp
% git clone git://
% cd mosh
% export PATH=/Users/taro/lib-for-mosh/bin:$PATH # for onig-config
% export CC=clang
% export CXX=clang++
% ./
% CFLAGS='-arch i386' CXXFLAGS='-arch i386' LDFLAGS="-L/Users/higepon/lib-for-mosh/lib"  ./configure --without-nmosh-defaults
% make
% make check
% make install
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