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;; swank-r6rs.sls --- Shareable code between swank-ikarus and swank-larceny
;; Licence: public domain
;; Author: Helmut Eller
;; This is a Swank server barely capable enough to process simple eval
;; requests from Emacs before dying. No fancy features like
;; backtraces, module redefintion, M-. etc. are implemented. Don't
;; even think about pc-to-source mapping.
;; Despite standard modules, this file uses (swank os) and (swank sys)
;; which define implementation dependend functionality. There are
;; multiple modules in this files, which is probably not standardized.
;; The server proper. Does the TCP stuff and exception handling.
(library (swank)
(export start-server)
(import (rnrs)
(rnrs eval)
(swank os)
(swank format)
(swank event-queue)
(swank restarts))
(define-record-type connection
(fields in-port out-port event-queue))
(define (start-server port)
(accept-connections (or port 4005) #f))
(define (start-server/port-file port-file)
(accept-connections #f port-file))
(define (accept-connections port port-file)
(let ((sock (make-server-socket port)))
(printf "Listening on port: ~s\n" (local-port sock))
(when port-file
(write-port-file (local-port sock) port-file))
(let-values (((in out) (accept sock (latin-1-codec))))
(lambda () #f)
(lambda ()
(close-socket sock)
(serve in out))
(lambda ()
(close-port in)
(close-port out))))))
(define (write-port-file port port-file)
(lambda (file)
(write port file))))
(define (serve in out)
(let ((err (current-error-port))
(q (make-event-queue
(lambda (q)
(let ((e (read-event in)))
(printf "read: ~s\n" e)
(enqueue-event q e))))))
(dispatch-loop (make-connection in out q))))
(define-record-type sldb-state
(fields level condition continuation next))
(define (dispatch-loop conn)
(let ((event (wait-for-event (connection-event-queue conn) 'x)))
(case (car event)
'toplevel "Return to SLIME's toplevel"
(lambda ()
(apply emacs-rex conn #f (cdr event)))))
(else (error "Unhandled event: ~s" event))))
(dispatch-loop conn))
(define (recover thunk on-error-thunk)
(let ((ok #f))
(lambda () #f)
(lambda ()
(call-with-values thunk
(lambda vals
(set! ok #t)
(apply values vals))))
(lambda ()
(unless ok
;; Couldn't resist to exploit the prefix feature.
(define rpc-entries (environment '(prefix (swank rpc) swank:)))
(define (emacs-rex conn sldb-state form package thread tag)
(let ((out (connection-out-port conn)))
(lambda ()
(lambda (condition)
(lambda (k)
(sldb-exception-handler conn condition k sldb-state))))
(lambda ()
(let ((value (apply (eval (car form) rpc-entries) (cdr form))))
(write-event `(:return (:ok ,value) ,tag) out)))))
(lambda ()
(write-event `(:return (:abort) ,tag) out)))))
(define (sldb-exception-handler connection condition k sldb-state)
(when (serious-condition? condition)
(let ((level (if sldb-state (+ (sldb-state-level sldb-state) 1) 1))
(out (connection-out-port connection)))
(write-event `(:debug 0 ,level ,@(debugger-info condition connection))
(lambda () #f)
(lambda ()
(sldb-loop connection
(make-sldb-state level condition k sldb-state)))
(lambda () (write-event `(:debug-return 0 ,level nil) out))))))
(define (sldb-loop connection state)
(apply emacs-rex connection state
(cdr (wait-for-event (connection-event-queue connection)
'(':emacs-rex . _))))
(sldb-loop connection state))
(define (debugger-info condition connection)
(list `(,(call-with-string-output-port
(lambda (port) (print-condition condition port)))
,(format " [type ~s]" (if (record? condition)
(record-type-name (record-rtd condition))
(map (lambda (r)
(list (format "~a" (restart-name r))
(lambda (port)
(write-restart-report r port)))))
(define (print-condition obj port)
(cond ((condition? obj)
(let ((list (simple-conditions obj)))
(case (length list)
(display "Compuond condition with zero components" port))
(assert (eq? obj (car list)))
(print-simple-condition (car list) port))
(display "Compound condition:\n" port)
(for-each (lambda (c)
(display " " port)
(print-simple-condition c port)
(newline port))
(fprintf port "Non-condition object: ~s" obj))))
(define (print-simple-condition condition port)
(fprintf port "~a" (record-type-name (record-rtd condition)))
(case (count-record-fields condition)
((0) #f)
(fprintf port ": ")
(do-record-fields condition (lambda (name value) (write value port))))
(fprintf port ":")
(do-record-fields condition (lambda (name value)
(fprintf port "\n~a: ~s" name value))))))
;; Call FUN with RECORD's rtd and parent rtds.
(define (do-record-rtds record fun)
(do ((rtd (record-rtd record) (record-type-parent rtd)))
((not rtd))
(fun rtd)))
;; Call FUN with RECORD's field names and values.
(define (do-record-fields record fun)
(lambda (rtd)
(let* ((names (record-type-field-names rtd))
(len (vector-length names)))
(do ((i 0 (+ 1 i)))
((= i len))
(fun (vector-ref names i) ((record-accessor rtd i) record)))))))
;; Return the number of fields in RECORD
(define (count-record-fields record)
(let ((i 0))
record (lambda (rtd)
(set! i (+ i (vector-length (record-type-field-names rtd))))))
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