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Sample plugins can be found here.

Data Import Plugins (for importing data)

Data import plugins can be attached using highed.plugins.import.install(...).

These plugins add functionality to the Web Import system.

Example: Register a basic CSV plugin

highed.plugins.import.install('CSV', {
    description: "Standard CSV Import",
    treatAs: 'csv',
    fetchAs: 'text',
    filter: function (data, options, fn) {
        //Validate CSV here... 
        fn(wasInvalid, data);

Example: Register a Socrata plugin

highed.plugins.import.install('Socrata', {
        description: 'Socrata is an open data format commonly used for various government sources. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>',
        treatAs: 'csv',
        fetchAs: 'json',
        defaultURL: '',
        options: {
            includeFields: {
                type: 'string',
                label: 'Fields to include, separate by whitespace',
                default: 'fiscal_year amount_us_millions_'                        
        filter: function (data, options, fn) {
            var csv = [], header = [];

            options.includeFields = highed.arrToObj(options.includeFields.split(' '));

            if (highed.isArr(data)) {

                //Only include things we're interested in
                data = (d) {
                    var r = {};
                    Object.keys(options.includeFields).forEach(function (c) {
                        r[c] = d[c];
                    return r;

                data.forEach(function (row, i) {
                    var rdata = [];                            
                    Object.keys(row).forEach(function (key) {
                        var col = row[key];

                        if (!options.includeFields[key]) {

                        if (i == 0) {


            fn(false, [header.join(',')].concat(csv).join('\n'));

To enable import plugins, add its name to the plugins array supplied when creating either the importer or the editor:

highed.DataImporter(.., {plugins: ['NAME']})
highed.Editor(...,{importer: {plugins: ['NAME']}});

Export plugins

To add export plugins, call highed.plugins.export.install(<name>, <definition>).


highed.plugins.export.install('My Plugin', {
    description: 'Description Test',
    //Custom options - will produce a UI
    options: {
        myOption: {
            type: 'string',
            label: 'Custom Option'
    //Function to call when performing an export
    //Chart is an instance of ChartPreview containing the current chart
    export: function (options, chart, fn) {
       //Do stuff, then call fn(). First argument is an error message or false

Similarly to import plugins, plugins must be explicitly enabled when creating the editor:

highed.Exporter(.., {plugins: ['NAME']})
highed.Editor(...,{exporter: {plugins: ['NAME']}});
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