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--- Highcharts 7.2.1 official release ---

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TorsteinHonsi committed Oct 31, 2019
1 parent 7f16d3d commit 45208468504df74882a797ba17feb86f8b90f9a2
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"name": "highcharts",
"version": "7.2.0",
"version": "7.2.1",
"description": "JavaScript charting framework",
"main": "lib/highcharts.js",
"authors": [
@@ -2,20 +2,20 @@
highmaps.product.version=7.2.1 Gantt

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# Changelog for Highcharts Gantt v7.2.1 (2019-10-31)

- Most changes listed under Highcharts 7.2.1 above also apply to Highcharts Gantt 7.2.1.
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# Changelog for Highcharts v7.2.1 (2019-10-31)

- Added new accessibility options with more flexibility for customizing the hidden screen reader regions. See #12095. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Added feature to draw plot lines on radial axes from the inner to the outer radius of the main pane. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Added support for combining [tooltip.split]( and [tooltip.outside]( [<a href="">Edit</a>]

## Bug fixes
- Fixed #12222, empty pie series showing `lineWidth` after hover. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12223, animating halo for a slice in pie series used to throw errors. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed compatibility issues with menu navigation for screen readers. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12161, legend [textDecoration]( hidden style not working on IE11 with accessibility module enabled. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12243, fill property on pattern fills was applied to the wrong element. Introduced new option, `pattern.backgroundColor`. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Improved handling of null point accessibility. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11644, extremes in color axis were incorrect when using tilemap series with very small values. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11738, updating treemap series with the same amount of points caused cells to disappear. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11650, added missing `highcharts-tooltip-header` classname to the tooltip's header. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12073, dragging an annotation used to change points' values too. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12090, a11y module breaks legend navigation. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed minor bugs with keyboard navigation. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #7559, error when updating a waterfall with first data value as sum or intermediate sum. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11776, data labels were not visible in 3D Column series. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12055, overlapping legend items when combining `layout: 'proximate'` and `useHTML: true`. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12064, redundant spaces separating class names in SVG class attributes. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12033, error when toggling stacking on area series with nulls. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Improved screen reader compatibility for chart export menu. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11727, logarithmic yAxis with just one label sometimes was rendered with numerical errors. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11956, `pointPlacement` did not work for columns with just one category. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11955, incorrect point positions on inverted chart, when [series.pointPlacement]( was set to `between`. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11966, using `chart.setTitle()` on a chart with `scrollablePlotArea` misplaced the title. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11510, points with a relatively very small `z` value were not displayed in a variwide chart. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11970, annotation's `drag` event was not fired. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11753, invalid label placement broke venn diagrams in certain scenarios. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11100, 3D columns were not animated on data update. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11476, inverted variwide chart with disabled X axis labels threw an error. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11801, dragging annotations did not prevent zooming in. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11897, combination of pie series and polar chart with panes threw an error. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11405, plotLines were rendered outside the bottom and left chart edge if the value was the same as the axis extreme. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11690, removed use of undefined global variable that broke support for ES modules. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11812, point colors were not changed if `colorAxis` was added in update. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
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# Changelog for Highmaps v7.2.1 (2019-10-31)

- Most changes listed under Highcharts 7.2.1 above also apply to Highmaps 7.2.1.

## Bug fixes
- Fixed #12231, loading Highmaps as a module and using color axis thrown a reference error. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11924, using the `addColorAxis` method in Highmaps hid the map. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
# Changelog for Highstock v7.2.1 (2019-10-31)

- Most changes listed under Highcharts 7.2.1 above also apply to Highstock 7.2.1.

## Bug fixes
- Fixed #12266, applying zones on macd when the main series had no data produced an error. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11471, updating chart with new series and `oneToOne` set to true used to throw errors when data was grouped. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12215, VWAP technical indicator added via StockTools was added to the wrong pane. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11426, arearange series had disabled `dataGrouping` by default. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #1172, handles positions and `xAxis` extremes were incorrect when using column type series in navigator. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12099, panning to the left did not work properly after zooming in when data grouping was enabled. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #11716, basic annotations (rect, circle and label) were missing options in StockTools' popup. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
- Fixed #12058, compare with one single data value failed. It now behaves like when comparing to data points of the same value - it renders on the 0 line. [<a href="">Edit</a>]
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "highcharts",
"version": "7.2.0-modified",
"version": "7.2.1",
"description": "JavaScript charting framework",
"main": "lib/highcharts",
"module": "es-modules/masters/highcharts.src.js",

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