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--- Highcharts 7.1.3 official release ---

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TorsteinHonsi committed Aug 14, 2019
1 parent ae42f11 commit bf7c6ca9c11e52a8102850e288d87c9c409a8ec2
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "highcharts",
"version": "7.1.2",
"version": "7.1.3",
"description": "JavaScript charting framework",
"main": "lib/highcharts.js",
"authors": [
@@ -2,20 +2,20 @@
highmaps.product.version=7.1.3 Gantt

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# Changelog for Highcharts Gantt v7.1.3 (2019-08-14)

- Most changes listed under Highcharts 7.1.3 above also apply to Highcharts Gantt 7.1.3.

## Bug fixes
- Fixed #10887, regression with `Axis.update()` in Treegrid axis.
- Fixed #10942, progress indicator was not redrawn after collapsing and expanding nodes.
- Fixed #10804, navigator affected the positions of the gantt dependencies negatively.
@@ -0,0 +1,80 @@
# Changelog for Highcharts v7.1.3 (2019-08-14)

- Added new `minLinkWidth` option to sankey series.
- Added support for `label.formatter` callback for plot lines and plot bands.
- Made chart credits accessible to screen readers.
- Added support for number type in ``, see #10648.
- Added `crop` and `overflow` options for stack labels.
- Added sensible defaults to plot lines and bands. A plot band can now be initialized with only a `value`, and a plot band with either `from`, `to`, or both.
- Added new option `accessibility.pointNavigationThreshold`.
- Improved keyboard navigation for inverted charts, including bar charts.
- Added support for Windows High Contrast Mode. A set of styling options are automatically set using chart/series/point update when WHCM is detected. The options automatically match the OS theme, but can be overridden with the new [accessibility.highContrastTheme]( option.
- Added [tooltip.className]( option for additional custom CSS class.

## Bug fixes
- Fixed #11632, using [plotOptions.series.marker.radius]( for all nodes in a network graph did not prevent them from being cut off.
- Fixed #7650, hide hover points outside plot area. Fixed #11493, limit split tooltip to yAxis range.
- Fixed #11513, arearange failed to render when the data started with NaN.
- Fixed #7650 and #11493, points outside plot area were included as hover points, and were displayed in shared and split tooltip.
- Fixed #11505, gauge crashed when stacking options were present.
- Fixed #4024, stacking columns on different xAxis translated columns as in stacking on the same xAxis.
- Fixed #11329, tooltip transform/scaling issues.
- Fixed #11386, CSS filters were missing when [chart.styledMode]( was enabled.
- Fixed #11388, error when applying empty data array to histogram series.
- Fixed #11389, inactive styles for dependency wheel series in styled mode were missing.
- Fixed #10542, showing and hiding series now also shows and hides them from assistive technology.
- Fixed #8608, bubble markers were hidden when Z value was missing.
- Fixed #11156, draggable did not work with group points and boost module.
- Fixed #11340, issue with exporting large amounts of data to CSV and XLS.
- Fixed #10561, issue with legend click on IE11 with a11y module.
- Fixed #11246, setting crosshair `stroke-width` in styled mode.
- Fixed #8735, `gapSize` did not work in boost mode.
- Fixed #10285, drag and drop module did not work with logarithmic axes.
- Fixed #10564, issue with tabbing to legend without chart height set.
- Fixed #11301, hovering legend item for a hidden series caused other series to get inactive state.
- Fixed #11169, `undefined` value was rendered in the loading label.
- Fixed #11244, `series.update({ data })` did not preserve old options if `data` was passed as an array of objects.
- Fixed #10896, class name of series label was missing in styled mode.
- Fixed #11239, updating points in heatmap did not animate fill color.
- Fixed #11229, negative width and height were applied to heatmap shapes.
- Fixed #11212, selected state for a node in network graph was applied to all connected nodes.
- Fixed #11211, calling `node.update()` in networkgraph series caused errors in console.
- Fixed #10960, improved touch support on Windows devices.
- Fixed #11176, removing all nodes and links in a network graph would throw errors with circular data.
- Fixed #11095, updating [data.switchRowsAndColumns]( worked only the first time.
- Fixed #11193, downloading the chart as image used to duplicate table created by [exporting.showTable]( option.
- Fixed #11101, a regression causing crash on responsive chart when reverting to default options.
- Fixed #9377, added product tags in ES-modules.
- Fixed #11140, setting `series.dataLabels.inside` to `true` forced pie dataLabels to render as in contrast.
- Fixed #6657, inappropriate contrast color for first and last dataLabel in column/bar series.
- Fixed #11124, click on a node in networkgraph caused all nodes to reposition.
- Fixed #10597, issue with series type update after drilldown.
- Fixed #10861, a regression causing event handlers to pile up when running `Chart.update` or `Series.update` with new `events` options.
- Fixed #10518, `rotation.orientations = 1` in wordcloud series resulted in rotation `NaN`, which made the SVG rendering of the word crash.
- Fixed #10498, a regression causing wrong chart width if a parent had transform style.
- Fixed #11015, removing an annotation did not deselect it, causing errors.
- Fixed #10522, `series.colors` was ignored in sunburst.
- Fixed #10941, null points with the same x-value in stacking were causing wrong offset for other points.
- Fixed #10984, networkgraph series did not render when loading data from CSV.
- Fixed #10993, in timeline series, points were visible outside the axis extremes.
- Fixed #10987, pareto series didn't refresh after updating `baseSeries` data with less than two points.
- Fixed issues #10510 and #10594 with pattern fills.
- Fixed #10930, sometimes data labels were not visible after zooming.
- Fixed #10961, annotations used to block `mouseDown` event.
- Fixed #10717, [xAxis.reversed]( should reverse partialFill on xrange.
- Fixed #10671, a regression causing crash with responsive [chart.spacing]( settings.
- Fixed #10699, inactive state was configured wrongly in venn series, causing bad opacity.
- Fixed #10952, plot background did not scale to scrollable plot area.
- Fixed #10791, disabled halo feature in Venn series. The docs said it was supported, though it didn't work well.
- Fixed #10909, subpixel precision caused unwanted space between the area series' area and baseline grid lines.
- Fixed #10943, TypeScript support for full-screen module (and other modules).
- Fixed #9099, `getSelectedPoints` did not include the currently selected or unselected point when called from inside ``.
- Fixed #10874: tooltip wasn't formatted correctly for updated null points.
- Fixed #10670, heatmap points with zones and colorAxis did not restore colors after hover.
- Fixed #10323, on timeline series, data label's connector was hidden after setting extremes.
- Fixed #10524, wordcloud text with multiple words had different alignment than text with a single word.
- Fixed #10870, regression with `Series.update` updating marker symbol.
- Fixed issue with the data module failing on CORS resources.
- Fixed #10865, image markers in networkgraph used to throw errors in console.
- Fixed #10708, removed use of `Array.prototype.findIndex` which would cause Sankey series to break in IE.
- Fixed #10247, improved data label positions in venn series.
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
# Changelog for Highmaps v7.1.3 (2019-08-14)

- Most changes listed under Highcharts 7.1.3 above also apply to Highmaps 7.1.3.
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
# Changelog for Highstock v7.1.3 (2019-08-14)

- Most changes listed under Highcharts 7.1.3 above also apply to Highstock 7.1.3.
- Added new technical indicator, `trendline`, showing price trend.

## Bug fixes
- Fixed #11483, lastPrice indicator was incorrect with dataGrouping.
- Fixed #11415, vertical scrollbar was visible in annotation popup.
- Fixed #11175, [navigation.bindings.rectangleAnnotation]( did not resize it's width/height according to xAxis/yAxis extremes.
- Fixed #11174, size of measure annotation was not recalculated in redraw.
- Fixed #10980, defining just one item in `stockTools.gui.definitions[name]` threw errors.
- Fixed #11191, `dataGrouping.approximation.average` did not correct floating point precision errors.
- Fixed #10745, sometimes old points were not removed after updating data with enabled `dataGrouping`.
- Fixed #11366, `annotationOptions` did not work for some of the `bindings[annotationName]`.
- Fixed #11351, `gapSize` and multiple `dataGrouping`s sometimes hide series line with lower granularity.
- Fixed #11344, some icons were not loaded from custom url. Added new general option, [navigation.iconsURL]( that takes over from the more specific `stockTools.gui.iconsURL`.
- Fixed #11206, editing technical indicators in stock tools did not select correct series.
- Fixed #11079, stock-tools were not working correctly in inverted charts.
- Fixed #11005, X axis line width affected clipping of the series graph or columns, even when the Y axis did not extend to the X axis.
- Fixed #10827, issues with the TEMA indicator's tooltip and boost module. Caused by a method name collision.
- Fixed #10932, [xAxis.minPadding]( didn't work when [plotOptions.series.dataGrouping]( was enabled.
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ var options = {
* Set to `false` to disable.
* @type {boolean|number}
* @since next
* @since 7.1.3
pointNavigationThreshold: false,

@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ var options = {
* Theme to apply to the chart when Windows High Contrast Mode is
* detected.
* @since next
* @since 7.1.3
* @type {object}
* @apioption accessibility.highContrastTheme
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "highcharts",
"version": "7.1.2-modified",
"version": "7.1.3",
"description": "JavaScript charting framework",
"main": "lib/highcharts",
"module": "es-modules/masters/highcharts.src.js",

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