Tooltip not shown in styled version when using Bootstrap Tabs #5859

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Expected behaviour

Show the tooltip in every chart.

Actual behaviour

If the user is on the first tag, everything is fine. When changing to another tab, tooltips are not displayed any more, independent if they are inside the tab panes or outside somewhere on the page.

Live demo with steps to reproduce

Fiddle with styled version:
Fiddle with non-styled version:

Affected browser(s)

Tested with Firefox 49 and Chrome 53.0.2785.143



As in #5856, the tooltip default filter style is causing it. Something with the references between charts causes the bug.


Add this to your style sheet (it also removes the tooltip's drop shadow):

.highcharts-tooltip {
    filter: none !important;

View live demo.

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Simplified demo

The issue happens only when the first chart is hidden after creation, not when initially hidden.

@TorsteinHonsi TorsteinHonsi added a commit that closed this issue Nov 14, 2016
@TorsteinHonsi TorsteinHonsi Fixed #5859, tooltip display problems in styled mode.
Tooltips were hidden when there were multiple charts in the same page and one of them were hidden, because the internal filter URLs pointed across SVG elements. This also affected exporting, where a chart copy is built.

Closes #5963.
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