Multiple Series error in svg rendering [HighStock -> Highchart] #5892

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Expected behaviour

Spline plot added multiple series, and as I append data to each series everything should run smoothly

Actual behaviour

Huge performance hit, and these errors (in counts of hundreds):

highstock.js:54 Error: <path> attribute d: Expected number, "….14627380267771 C 315.0616246498…".

Live demo with steps to reproduce

Go here:

  • Scroll to the first chart (spline chart).
  • Enable Real-Time
  • Open your dev console
  • Click the center of the chart multiple times (6-7 times)
  • Click Add Data Point a few times
  • Notice all the errors

My Conjecture: It is caused when the series start using the pushData over addData [API: Implementation is to type app.$.splineChart.pushData in your console on the page]. ie. When the series[2..n] shift add data rather than appending it

Affected browser(s)

No idea, just tested on chrome.


Thanks for reporting, but pushData is not a Highcharts API. Can you reproduce this issue outside your wrapper environment? The best starting point would be if you can modify the featured sample to showcase your problem.


Made an example since i am getting same (or very similar) error. It happens when you try to add data point by point and doesnt show any errors if data is loaded as one array (not in example).

In my case both data points and series are added dynamically
JsFidle just press button and look into console

pawelfus commented Nov 24, 2016 edited

Thanks @LithMage !

I have simplified your demo, replacing AJAX with random data and redrawing chart only once, after all modifications:

Issue still exists. It's caused by animation, when disabled it works fine:

It's general issue, not only for Highstock, demo:

Internal note:
Something is wrong in function append(arr, other) { ... } method, standalone demo:

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