PlotBand border on on three out of four sides of rect #5909

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dbasner commented Oct 31, 2016

Unsure if this is purposeful or not, but having plotBorder give a three sided border is a little confusing. It kind of gives the impression that the rectangle runs longer than the length of the chart and just isn't being rendered properly. I feel like the border should either run on all four sides, or alternatively, run on the sides related to the axis that the plot band runs on (x axis plot bands on "left" and "right" side, y axis plot bands on the "top" and "bottom" of the rectangle).

Expected behaviour

A plotBand on either the x or y axis would draw a rectangle, and adding a border would show a visible border on all four sides (or two of them to indicate the bounds of that area).

Actual behaviour

Border only appears on three sides

Live demo with steps to reproduce

Affected browser(s)


Thank you for your feedback. Internally all four sides currently have a border, but because of z-indexing only three sides have visible borders.

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