Top half of ColorAxis being cut off after a resize #5912

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Expected behaviour

The top half of the label on a Vertically laid out ColorAxis should not be cut off after making the height small and then large again

Actual behaviour

When using a color axis laid out vertically, If the chart height is sized smaller than the ColorAxis, then resized back to a normal size, part of the top of the axis seems to get cut off. In particular if you have a label on the top of the axis it cuts off the top half of the label.

It's also interesting to note that even when the colorAxis is laid out horizontally it seems to cut off the top of the axis by a pixel or two

I've tried a few things as a workaround to restore the top label to a good state, but haven't had any luck so far. Any Ideas?


Live demo with steps to reproduce

I put together a quick fiddle from an existing one on the API. But essentially the steps are very simple for this example.

  1. chart.setSize(400, {very small number})
  2. chart.setSize(400, 400)

Affected browser(s)

@TorsteinHonsi TorsteinHonsi added the Bug label Nov 1, 2016
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