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Series that belongs for bottom axis is stucked to the left. Bottom axis is logarithmic. When it set it to linear it's workes correct.

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Hi @pliasetski

Thanks, but I think you may have misconfigured the demo. Series 2 & 3 are connected to the yAxis = 1, which is the top yAxis. The scale is correct, because Series 3 has quite high values when comparing to the Series 2. If you hide Series 3, you will see the Series 2 rescaled.

Let me know if I missed something.


I think I see the issue, looks like the bottom axis gets NaN for all ticks somehow. Simple example:

Workaround: Set chart.alignTicks: false (

@oysteinmoseng oysteinmoseng added the Bug label Nov 23, 2016

Hi @pawelfus
The problem is with Series 1. It is stucked to the left. It is only one Series that connected to the yAxis = 0, so why it isn't displayed on the entire chart.

pawelfus commented Nov 23, 2016 edited

Ha! @oysteinmoseng is right, I tested this in a small window, like this: - when it works fine :)

Internal note:
I guess, alignToOthers() should also consider axis type. Otherwise it tried to set 1800 as a base for Math.pow() which results as Infinity/NaN

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