data points disappear in highstock #733

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javahas commented Feb 2, 2012

Drag the navigator to the range were there is no data point (to the right).
The lines in the chart disappear, data points are still there. Then drag mouse over it, and they disappear.
I use highstock 1.1.2

javahas commented Feb 2, 2012

I forgot to mention that strokes disappeared during the zoom.
Also, I just tried it with the code downloaded from the repository and the bug is still there.

We are experiencing the same problem in Hightock v.1.2.0. Any progress/fix yet?


TorsteinHonsi commented Nov 14, 2012

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or it might be fixed. I'm running Highstock 1.2.4 at

When I move one of the navigator handles to the right, the points and the grid lines are there. Then I move the other handle, and both the points and the grid lines disappear. It is expected that the grid lines disappear because there is no information of the Y axis resolution once the points are outside range.

In version 1.2.0 I can see that the points are not hidden, but that bug is fixed.

Yeah, I understand that the grid lines should disappear. But when the grid lines disappear (meaning that there are no data to be displayed for the given interval) the data points are still visible in the plot area until hovered. When hovered the data points magically disappears.

Do you have any clue what bug fix that could have fixed this in the new version? Otherwise we'll try to upgrade it to 1.2.4.


TorsteinHonsi commented Nov 14, 2012

I'm not sure. It is probably a consequence of some other, related bug. You should use the latest version anyway.

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