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Higher Kindness

honest typed libraries and tools for anyone and everyone


  1. droste Public

    recursion schemes for cats; to iterate is human, to recurse, divine

    Scala 346 53

  2. mu-scala Public

    Mu is a purely functional library for building RPC endpoint based services with support for RPC and HTTP/2

    Scala 324 33

  3. skeuomorph Public

    skema morphisms

    Scala 90 12

  4. mu-haskell Public

    Mu (μ) is a purely functional framework for building micro services.

    Haskell 303 18

  5. rules_scala Public

    Robust and featureful Bazel rules for Scala

    Starlark 62 27

  6. compendium Public

    HTTP service for schema storage and client generation

    Scala 28 1


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