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Please read the general build guide for information on building other platform. Only Android specific instructions are found in this file.


Building is currently supported on OSX, Windows and Linux platforms, but developers intending to do work on the library dependencies are strongly urged to use 64 bit Linux as a build platform

You will need the following tools to build Android targets.

Android Studio

Download the Android Studio installer and run it. Once installed, at the welcome screen, click configure in the lower right corner and select SDK manager

From the SDK Platforms tab, select API levels 24 and 26.

From the SDK Tools tab select the following

  • Android SDK Build-Tools
  • GPU Debugging Tools
  • CMake (even if you have a separate CMake installation)
  • LLDB
  • Android SDK Platform-Tools
  • Android SDK Tools
  • NDK (even if you have the NDK installed separately)

Make sure the NDK installed version is 18 (or higher)


Setting up the environment for android builds requires some additional steps

Set up machine specific Gradle properties

Create a file in $HOME/.gradle. Edit the file to contain the following


Note, do not use $HOME for the path. It must be a fully qualified path name.

Setup the repository

Clone the repository

git clone

Enter the repository android directory

cd hifi/android

Execute two gradle pre-build steps. This steps should only need to be done once, unless you're working on the Android dependencies

./gradlew extractDependencies

./gradlew setupDependencies

Building & Running

  • Open Android Studio
  • Choose Open Existing Android Studio Project
  • Navigate to the hifi repository and choose the android folder and select OK
  • From the Build menu select Make Project
  • Once the build completes, from the Run menu select Run App
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