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Everything you need to build a Ruby client for HBase

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HBase For Ruby Made Easy

To use HBase with Apache Thrift, you might have to manually generate Ruby code from generic *.thrift files.

This gem tries to alleviate that slight annoyance by packaging everything you need to communicate with HBase.



Add to Gemfile and run bundle install:

gem 'hbase-rb'

Without Bundler

Install the gem:

gem install hbase-rb

Require it explicitly in your scripts:

require "rubygems"
require "hbase-rb"


The version of the gem matches the version of HBase the interface was generated against.

For instance, when using HBase 0.90.4:

gem 'hbase-rb', '0.90.4'


This library simply exposes the generated Ruby code from Thrift. Therefore it is not necessarily very idiomatic Ruby.

For example:

socket    ='localhost', 9090)

transport =

protocol  =
client    =

puts client.getTableNames

Writing Rows

# Assuming a table "mytable" and a column family "c"
client.mutateRow("mytable", "abc123", [ "c:foo", value: "bar")])

Reading Rows

# Assuming a table "mytable" and a column family "c"
results = client.getRow("mytable", "abc123")
if result = results.first
  result.columns.each do |key, cell|
    puts "#{key}: #{cell.value}"

API Reference

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