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0.695 - 2009-03-01
- Alpha versions of vPim agent (
- Fixed: reminder app had drifted out of sync with API change
0.657 - 2008-08-14
- Date#to_time renamed to Date#vpim_to_time. Apparently Rails also patches the core.
- Debian doesn't like RFCs. I think there is a problem with the DFG, not the
IETF. The value of a standard is that it can't be modified (if anybody could
publish a modified version of an RFC without restriction chaos would ensue).
Still, we lost that argument, and I'll try and help packagers out.
- View, gives various views of calendars. Experimental.
- Fixed doc comment refs to common Property module.
- Vtodo#duration and #due now work correctly (the missing one will be calculated
from the other).
- Vevent::Maker#add_rrule, #set_rrule are new, using Rrule::Maker.
- There is now (half-of) an Rrule::Maker class to help construct RRULE values.
- Vjournal can be encoded now (it was broken).
- Better code coverage by the tests.
- Recurrence#occurrences now returns an Enumerator instead of an Rrule. Both
have #each, and both yield the same thing, so that isn't an API change. However,
Rrule had an each_until, and the Enumerator doesn't. Use the dountil argument
to #occurrences to get the same effect. The asymetry of this API caused me
(non-aesthetic) trouble, now Rrule is an internal implementation detail.
Also, this would have had to change eventually, because occurrences need to
be the union of multiple RRULE and RDATE fields.
- Recurrence#rrule, returns an Rrule for the first RRULE field. Can be used
as transition.
- Icalendar#calscale was broken, and is now unit tested, along with #version
and #protocol?.
- Icalendar#{each,events,todos,journals} all yield components, or return an
- Icalendar is enumerable.
- Repo and Repo::Calendar are enumerable.
- #occurrences will call Rrule#each if a block is provided
- Recurrence rules with DTSTART in UTC will now sortof work (thanks to Max
Werner for providing the patch).
- Added convenience methods for setting and getting title and org fiels (thanks
to Jade Meskill for providing the patch).
- Modified Icalendar#create2 so only prodid can be supplied and cal is yielded
so events/etc. can be pushed.
- Support's broken google talk field (see test_vcard.rb for
examples, thanks to Terry Tong for reporting).
0.619 - 2008-03-30
- Fixed some problems with rescue statements not being specific enough.
- Vcard#birthday may now return a DateTime.
- Added Vcard#urls
- Fixed a mispelled Uri in Vcard#url
- Global fix of misspellings of "occurrence"
- KAddressBook compatibility fix - allow / in field names, even though it is
illegal in vCard 3.0.
0.604 - 2008-03-13
- Fixed a bug with lower-case UTF-16 encoded cards not being detected properly.
- Skip over invalidly encoded vCard fields when enumerating them.
0.602 - 2008-03-12
- Updated reminder utility to work with iCal 3.
- Reworked gem to include tests, samples, and binaries.
0.597 - 2008-03-01
- Support for BYSETPOS in recurrence rules (development supported by
- Support for FREQ=weekly in recurrence rules (development supported by
- Fixed an encode_text() bug (patch supplied by Jan Becvar)
- Fixed problem with interaction between BYMONTH and BYDAY (patch supplied by
Sam Stephenson of
- Vevent::Maker - Started adding high-level iCalendar encoding APIs
- Vpim::Vcard::Maker - the vCard maker is moved here
- Vpim::Maker - deprecated
- Vcard::make, Maker::Vcard#delete_if - new
- Vcard::Maker#add_name - deprecate, see Vcard::Maker#name
- Vcard::Maker#fullname= - deprecate, see Vcard::Maker#name
- Added high-level vCard decoding API.
- Beginning to depend on ruby1.8. I'm willing to try for backwards compat if I
get feedback that this causes difficulties.
- Icalendar#components - new
- Icalendar#vevents - deprecated, see Icalendar#components
- split Vtodo and Vjournal into own files
- Added Recurrence module to Vtodo and Vjournal
- Property::Common#sequence - new
- Property::Common#attachments - new
- Icalendar::Attachment - new
- Maker::Vcard#add_url - new
- ex_mkyourown.rb - new example
- Modularized the component property accessor methods, and added lots of
Icalendar property support for Vevent, Vtodo, and Vjournal.
- Fixed support for TEXT decoding.
- Use Subversion revision as release sub-version.
- It appears that a top-level vpim.rb that requires everything else is needed
for ruby-gems, gemspec seems to work now.
- Don't package backup files (.../*.rb~).
- Icalendar decoding optimizations. Icalendar.decode is about twice as fast
now, and more optimizations are scheduled.
- Continue the move to using uppercase for all syntactic elements that can be
mixed case. The API might eventually allow only uppercase, it appears
case-insensitive comparisons still have a noticeable effect on performance.
0.17 - 2006-03-08
- DirectoryInfo#delete - new
- Maker::Vcard#fullname - new
- Provide an example of how to create, copy, and modify version 2.1 vCards.
- Maker::Vcard.make2 - new
- Maker::Vcard.make - deprecated
- Profiled decoding of a huge iCalendar file. Performance appears to be
dominated by overhead of String#downcase (20% of time spent in Field#name?).
Keeping the field group, field name, and field's parameter's names internally
in uppercase and using ruby 1.8's String#casecmp? is a first attempt at
optimization. This is a change in the default case returned, but it aligns
with the RFC and common usage.
- Maker::Vcard.make - full_name is now optional, it will be derived from name/N:
- Maker::Vcard#add_field - better argument checking
- Maker::Vcard#copy - new
- Vcard#[] - now limits return to fields with values
- Vcard#name - new
- Vcard::Name - new
- Vcard#nicknames - new
- Field#params and Field#param - deprecated and undocumented, I could never
remember the difference
- Field#pnames - new
- Field#pvalues - new
- Methods.casecmp? - new
- Field#pref= - new
- Field#pvalue_idel - new
- Field#pvalue_iadd - new
0.16 - 2006-02-19
- Packaged in gem format, experimental.
- Read vCards in UTF-8 or UTF-16, big or little endian, with or without a byte
order mark (BOM).
- Fixed bug with rrule occurences containing the end of the interval. Reported
with patch by Brad Ediger.
0.15 - 2005-07-29
- Fixed bug with param values with quoted strings, particularly a quoted string
containing a : character, like
Thanks to Tamiji Homma for reporting this and sending me an example calendar.
- Vtodo.create - new
- Icalendar#push - allow Vtodos to be added
Thanks to Maximillian Dornseif for contributing the above two Vtodo patches.
- Vevent.duration - bug fixes so duration can be calculated from begin/end, and
end can be calculated from begin/duration
- Vcard#nickname that strips whitespace to see if there really is a nickname
- Vcard#birthday - returns birthday as a date
- Vevent#create_yearly - easy, cheesy way to create yearly recurring events
- vcf-to-ics.rb: example of how to create calendars of bdays from vcards
- Icalendar.create() like Vevent.create(), it will take arrays of Fields, or
Hashes of String => value.
- maker/vcard.rb: Added support for X-AIM, an Apple extension.
0.14 - 2005-02-01
- Fix: if an RRULE didn't ever yield an event (a bug in the rule) dountil was never tested.
- Change: don't throw an ArgumentError with infinite events, just stop when the
Time is no longer representable
0.13 - 2005-01-20
- Was calling to_time with an arg, fixed.
0.12 - 2005-01-17
- Removed require of pp from the library and utilities where it wasn't needed,
it was causing problems because it doesn't exist on ruby 1.6 systems.
- Added Field#to_date, returns field value as an array of Date objects
- Changed Field#to_time - it now auto-detects format of values
(DATE/DATE-TIME), and doesn't take/require a default_kind argument.
- Added IMPP support to Vpim::Maker::Vcard.
- Makefile wasn't copying the Maker classes into the release.
- Duration value not returned unless it was negative, fixed.
- An RRULE's UNTIL was always being assumed to be a DATE-TIME, but it can be a
DATE. I fixed this, but is something of a hack, see comments and TODO.
- Use String#scan instead of String#gsub, when appropriate (I didn't know it
existed when I stated the project).
- Run tests on 3 ruby versions.
- Don't include docs in release package, it makes it way too large.
- Change: use String.unpack instead of iconv to convert UCS-2 to UTF-8,
removing dependency on iconv (it wasn't standard in ruby 1.6).
- Change: simplified mutt_ab_query.rb, and renamed to vcf-to-mutt.
- Change: reminder.rb sorts todo items by priority.
- New: Vtodo#priority - the priority of the vTodo component.
0.11 - 2004-11-17
- Added a Vpim::Maker::Vcard class to simplify the creation of vCards, modelled
after the RSS maker from ruby's RSS library.
0.10 - 2004-11-07
- If events don't have a recurrence rule, they occur once, but they
were being returned even if they occurred after "dountil". Fixed.
- New sample of converting tab-delimited files to a vcard file, from
Dane G. Avilla. Thanks!
0.9a - 2004-10-31
- Made sure all events occur once in rrules.
- New sample of encoding: mutt-aliases-vcard.rb
- Added ToDo support to reminder.rb.
0.9 - 2004-06-17
- Field now is mutable, you can change the group, value, params, etc.
- Using the Enumerator object for DirectoryInfo now, instead of all the
each_by_X, and field_by_X() APIs.
- Moved homepage and docs to Ruby Forge.
- DirectoryInfo.create: added a profile argument
- DirectoryInfo#push: now pushes to 1 before the end
- DirectoryInfo#push_end: pushes onto end, in case you really want to
- Field.create: a Date or Time object value will now be encoded as date or time
- Vpim.encode_date(): encodes an RFC2425 date
- Vpim.encode_time(): encodes an RFC2425 time
- Vpim.encode_date_time(): encodes an RFC2425 date-time
- Icalendar#encode(): encodes an Icalendar
- Icalendar#push(): pushes a calendar component onto a calendar
- Vevent#accept(): accepts an event invitation
- Vevent#create(): creates a new event
- Address#copy(): create a copy of Address. If the original Address was frozen,
this one won't be.
- Address#partstat=(): set or change the PARTSTAT.
- Field#copy(): create a copy of Field. If the original Field was frozen, this
one won't be.
0.8 - 2004-04-01
- Moved DirectoryInfo::Field into it's own file, vpim/field.rb.
- New: Vpim::Duration - crude way of getting days/hours/mins/secs from a
duration in seconds.
- New: Icalendar#create() and Icalendar#create_reply()
- New: Icalendar#encode(), #to_s is an alias to #encode.
- New: Icalendar#protocol?()
- Change: Icalendar#version() raises an error if there is no VERSION
- Change: made all the DirectoryInfo, Vcard, and Field .new() class methods
private, and replaced with the 2 class methods:
- decode() decodes a string, returning a ruby object
- create() creates a new object
and all objects now get encoded using:
- encode() takes a ruby object, and encodes it as a string
They become more symetrical, and the overloaded meanings of .new() dissappear -
with .new() are you decoding, encoding, creating...?
- Change: Icalendar::Vevent#attendees() can return only attendees
with a particular URI.
- New: Icalendar::Address#==()
- New: Icalendar::Vevent#attendee?()
- Fixed bug: Field#encode() was adding an unexpecte NL to the line.
- Change: Field#name?() can accept a symbol.
- New: DirectoryInfo has an #each(), so I included Enumerable. Because of this
#to_a() now returns all the Fields in a DirectoryInfo.
- New: DirectoryInfo#push() and DirectoryInfo@push_uniq().
- Change: DirectoryInfo#<<() is now an alias for DirectoryInfo#push()
- Change: DirectoryInfo#each() and DirectoryInfo#each_by() now return self
instead of nil, I think this is more rubyish.
- New: Date#to_time() - converts a Date, and maybe a DateTime, to a Time
- New: Icalendar#protocol()
- New: Icalendar::Address
- New: Icalendar::Vevent#organizer()/attendees(), which return an
- New: An array of all the values of fields named name, converted to text,
using Field.to_text().
0.7 - 2004-03-21
- Bug fixes, not all files were requiring vpim.rb, which had the definition of
the invalid encoding error.
- Implemented much requested feature: ignore empty lines in input. This is an
invalid encoding, but I'm tired of fighting it.
0.6 - 2004-03-20
WARNING: major API renamings!
- Replaced the Vpim::Errors::*Error exception classes with a single exception
class: Vpim::InvalidEncodingError. That, and a message, is all I really need.
I don't think people need different classes for different types of encoding
errors, either the library can decode it for them, or it can't.
- Renamed project to "vpim" (to reflect vCard and vCalendar/iCalendar support),
renamed top-level Rfc2425 module to Vpim, split vard.rb into multiple files.
- Add support for iCalendar (RFC2445), see vpim/icalendar.rb. Currently only
supports VEVENT, no VTODO or VALARM yet, but is useable to print my upcoming
iCal events.
- Implemented the iCalendar recurrence rules mini-language, which is possibly
of more general use than just for iCalendar.
- Fixed bug in time decoding where usec would be nil instead of zero when no
usec were present in the time value.
- Field#to_time now assumes that time is in local time, unless the timezone is
"Z", meaning UTC.
- Field#to_text - new method, unescapes newlines, commas, and escape
- Field#field(name) - new method, returns the first field named +name+.
0.5 - 3003-11-23
- ab-query.rb - short option for --me was mistyped as -v, instead of -m.
- mutt_ab_query.rb - added a --pipe option, so that the output of an other
script can be directly queried.
- New method: Rfc2425.version
- Decode vCard 2.1 abbreviated parameters (ones where the name of the parameter
is missing, only the value is present, which only works for type and encoding).
- Vcard.decode() now support UCS-2 encoded vCards, by translating anything that
looks like UCS-2 to UTF-8 before decoding.
0.4 - 2003-04-14
- More support for decoding date, time, and date-time values.
- New method Field#to_time().
- Can pass an IO object to decode APIs, its entire contents is read as a
- Field#group?() now considers nil as equivalent to no group, so you can use
each_group(nil) to iterate through all fields without a group.
0.3 -
- Added description of how to use mutt_ab_query.rb
- Added support for querying the kind of a value, and began support for
decoding date and time values.
0.2 -
- Supports encoding.
- Supports accessing values using [].
- No longer have methods return an Array, or nil if the array is zero length, I
just return an Array.
- mutt_ab_query.rb - an example of using vcard.rb to do lookups in the OS X
Address Book from Mutt
0.1 -
- First release.