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When I am asked to provide a review for an Elsevier journal ...

Dear Editors,

Thank you for considering me as a reviewer for your journal. I am convinced that
peer-reviewing of research is fundamental for the development of science in
general. Therefore, I am grateful to journal editors like you for organizing and
monitoring the peer-review and I would gladly contribute to this process.

On the other hand, your journal belongs to the publisher Elsevier, who, as I see
it, actively hinders the development of science; Elsevier charges high prices
for subscriptions to "their" articles which for the research institutions means
either a significant drain of research funding money or an exclusion from a part
of general knowledge.

For this reason, I have signed the "Cost of Knowledge" [1] statement and for
this reason, I decline your invitation to provide a review. 

However, I am personally committed to contribute to any effort that truly
supports Open Access. If you as the editors are working towards a transition of
your journal to real Open Access, which among others would mean reasonable
article processing charges, I will be happy to accept the invitation. Also, I
understand that such a transition is not simply done together with Elsevier; cf.
the Lingua-Glossa story [2]. 

To give my share to smaller steps, I would also agree to review if you could
arrange for waiving the Open Access Publishing Fee for the article I would be

Best regards,

Jan Heiland


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To the extent possible under law, Jan Heiland has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.