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HMKit Crypto for C – securing communications in the HMKit SDKs that use native bindings
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HMKit Crypto C

HMKIT Crypto C is the HMKit cryptographic layer implementation based on OpenSSL. It is used in various HMKit SDKs as the crypto library.

Table of contents


General: HMKIT Crypto C is pure c cryptography layer implementation based on OpenSSL.

Crypto.c: This contains the OpenSSL implementation.

Crypto.h: This is the library header file that is needed to conform to the HMKit Core cryptographic abstraction layer.

commandline: This is a test and example application for HMKit Crypto C.


HMKit Crypto C is based on OpenSSL 1.1.0

Getting Started

Get an overview by reading the security documentation 📘 browse the documentation.


Before starting please read our contribution rules 📘 Contributing


For development we use HMKit Core system_test. It is a car and a phone example application with mac Bluetooth.

  1. Go to directory system_test
  2. Compile tests with make
  3. Run test ./systemtest


This repository is using MIT licence. See more in the 📘 LICENCE

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