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Commits on Apr 13, 2012
  1. @ericf
  2. @ericf

    Merge branch 'live-docs'

    ericf authored
  3. @elHornair @ericf

    Corrected typo

    elHornair authored ericf committed
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
  1. @rgrove

    Build yui.

    rgrove authored
  2. @rgrove

    Build get.

    rgrove authored
  3. @rgrove
  4. @rgrove

    Fix a bug that could cause CSS requests to hang in WebKit 535.3-535.9.

    rgrove authored
    This was caused by doing a numerical version comparison rather than
    using actual version comparison logic. Fixed by using the new
    Y.UA.compareVersions() function.
  5. @rgrove
  6. @rgrove
  7. @ericf

    Merge branch 'live-docs'

    ericf authored
  8. @ericf
  9. @ericf
  10. @ericf
  11. @lsmith
  12. @lsmith

    Merge branch 'live-docs'

    lsmith authored
  13. @lsmith
  14. @lsmith
  15. @ericf

    Merge branch 'live-docs'

    ericf authored
  16. @ericf

    Update Panel and Widget user guides' "Known Issues" sections.

    ericf authored
    The Panel and Widget user guides now list the `WidgetModality` mask node
    regression in 3.5.0 as a known issue.
  17. @lsmith
  18. @lsmith
  19. @davglass
  20. @davglass

    minor doc tweak

    davglass authored
  21. @davglass
  22. @davglass
  23. @davglass
  24. @davglass

    Seed and Loader build

    davglass authored
  25. @davglass
  26. @davglass
  27. @davglass
  28. @davglass
  29. @davglass

    YQL Build

    davglass authored
  30. @davglass
  31. @davglass
  32. @ericf
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