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LLXC is a script for working with LXC containers using python3-lxc.
There are some screenshots and explenation of what this is about on:
What currently works:
* Starting containers
* Halting containers
* Killing containers
* Listing containers
* Destroying containers
* Creating containers
* Freezing containers
* Unfreezing containers
* Archiving containers
* Unarchiving containers
* Halting all containers
* Killing all containers
* Starting all containers
* Toggle auto start for containers
* Entering containers via ssh
What doesn't work yet:
* Entering containers via tty (or does it?)
More or less In Progress:
* Detailed container status
* Executing commands in containers via ssh
* SSH key management
* lxc, at least 0.8.0~rc1
* python3
* python3-lxc
* python3-crypto
* lvm2
* btrfs-utils