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H2H is a component that detects entry points paths in your project.

H2H - Java (JVM)

For a JVM (Java virtual machine), H2H is a javagent. This Java agent will scan your application at runtime for each component and framework.

H2H supports (for Java)

  • JSF 2
  • Spring
  • Struts 1
  • Struts 2
  • JEE & JAX-RS
  • RMI server
  • Scan port
  • JMS 1.1
  • ActiveMQ (JMS only)
  • JMS 2.0 (in progress)
  • RestX (in progress)

H2H comes with a webapp that will collect and present all detected entry points in applications that subscribed to H2H service.

Build Java Agent

highway-to-urhell requires Java 6.

You can build it using Maven 3+ :

mvn install

Download the last release

You can download the last release here :

The file is in the distribution.

How to use it

  • Download the last release on github
  • Unzip highway-to-url distribution in a directory of your choice

Create configuration file :

The configuration file define the parameter for the agent. Structure of the property file :

timer=REMOTE (if outputSystem is REMOTE)
performance=false||true (false by default)
urlapplication=url of your application reachable for H2H-web
urlh2hweb=http://server-h2h-web:port/h2hell-web/api/ThunderApp (only REMOTE)
pathSource=path to source

You can see example file in h2h-example project.

Configuration via JAVA_OPTS

Configuring agent on Unix machines :

export JAVA_OPTS=$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:/path_distrib/h2hell-core.jar -Djava.ext.dirs=/path_distrib/ -DH2H_CONFIG=/path_distrib/ -DH2H_PATH=/path_your_application

Configuring agent on Windows machines :

set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -javaagent:/path_distrib/h2hell-core.jar -Djava.ext.dirs=/path_distrib/ -DH2H_CONFIG=/path_distrib/ -DH2H_PATH=/path_your_application

Configuration for tomcat

add in your_tomcat\bin\

export JAVA_OPTS="-javaagent:/path_distrib/h2hell-core.jar -Djava.ext.dirs=/path_distrib/ -DH2H_CONFIG=/path_distrib/ -DH2H_PATH=/path_your_application"

Configuration for IBM WAS

  1. Log into the admin console.
  2. Select Servers > Application servers > (selected server).
  3. Select Configuration > Service Infrastructure > Java and Process Management > Process Definition > Additional Properties.
  4. From the Process Definition > Additional Properties, select Java Virtual Machine.
  5. On the Java Virtual Machine page, in the Generic JVM arguments textbox, add the -javaagent and paths.
-javaagent:your_path/h2hell-distribution/h2hell-core.jar -Djava.ext.dirs=your_path/h2hell-distribution/ -DH2H_CONFIG=your_path/h2hell-distribution/ -DH2H_PATH=your_path_tomcat/webapps/your_application/

Select Apply, then select Save. Restart your server.



Mode Remote

  • See H2H-Web project

Add custom entry point

For add new entry point because we can't support your prefer framework you must create 2 services (class) : first retrieve the entrypoint and the second treat the list of entrypoint.

The first service must extends com.highway2urhell.transforme.AbstractLeechTransformer. You must implements doTransform with 2 requirements :

  • Create the list of entrypoint ArrayList
  • Send the data to CoreEngine with CoreEngine.getInstance().getFramework(your_framework).receiveData(listEntryPath) You must implements the constructor like :
super(package_class_modified_by_agent);// example "com/google/gwt/user/server/rpc/RemoteServiceServlet" 
addImportPackage(String... packages);// list package add by Agent for running the agent with your modification. example "java.lang.reflect", "java.util","org.reflections", "org.reflections.util", "java.util.Map"

For example, we recommand to see the actual transformer in package com.highway2urhell.transformer.

The second service must extends com.highway2urhell.service.AbstractLeechService with 1 requirement :

  • The constructor must invoke like
super(FRAMEWORK_NAME, VersionUtils.getVersion("package_class","groupid", "artifactId"));

Add custom vizualisation

For add your custom vizualisation you must :

  • implements the interface com.highway2urhell.generator.TheJack
  • add your class in highway-to-url distribution



  • Thanks to JetBrains for providing licenses to build this project.