Python wrapper for Soundcloud's API with OAuth2 support
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SoundCloud-Python - SoundCloud API in Python

A wrapper for the SoundCloud API written in Python. This project is based on the official SoundCloud package but uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and provides some minor bug fixes.

Running tests

The SoundCloud API comes with a small testsuite. It can be run automatically through either setuptools or nose.

Configuring tests

Before you can run the tests, you need to configure them. You do this using the test.ini file in the root of your working copy. Create a test app at and enter the appropriate credentials in test.ini.

You will then need to obtain an access token for the tests to run with. Run


and follow the instructions. Your browser bring you to the SoundCloud "connect" page. Connect with your app, and your browser will be redirected to an URL with a query parameter called "code". Copy and paste this value to the prompt, wait a moment, and check that the script finishes with a access_token=... line. Copy and paste this line into your test.ini file.

Now you can run the tests!

Running tests through setuptools

You can run the whole testsuite through setuptools_ by doing ::

$ python test

Running tests through nose

If you want a more fine-grained control over which tests to run, you can use the nosetests-commandline tool.

Then to run individual tests, you can e.g. do::

$ nosetests -s soundcloud.tests.soundcloud_tests:SoundcloudTests.test_setting_permissions

See the nose_-website for more options.

.. _nose: .. _setuptools: .. _ConfigObj:

Creating the API-docs

Do:: epydoc -v --name="SoundCloud API" --html -o docs/api soundcloud --exclude="os|mimetypes|urllib2|exceptions|mimetools"